Shall I go for a '.me' Domain Name?

Oh the Domain Dilemma! Its been hair-pulling 8 hours of confusion whether to go for the “.me” domain name for this blog or some other name hack with “.com”. If you have a common name like me then chances are that “” is long gone.

Same was the case with me, “” was not available, but “” was still available. It took me a good amount of research on “.me” domain to finally purchase “” for my personal blog.

Initially it was good to see “.me” domain referred as Personal domain name but then suddenly I found that its not a Top Level Domain (TLD)! Its a Country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) for Montenegro (source: wikipedia). This was enough for me to leave the idea of going with a .me domain.

But digging a little more I found that even “.tv” is a ccTLD (for Tuvalu). This encouraged me since “.tv” is widely used for video and TV show specific websites regardless that its a ccTLD, not a TLD.

Knowing that .me is a ccTLD the obvious question comes up is of “location specific SEO”. What if I want to target US audience with my website? Well, this really isn’t a problem, Google Console makes it very easy to define the country you want to target with your website regardless of your domain name. So country specific SEO is really not a matter with “.me” domain name, you can deal with it in the Webmaster tool of your preferred search engine.

After few hours of research and knowing that some big brands are also opting-in for “.me” domain, and looking how Google recently broke the .com legacy by going ““, I finally decided to go with a “.me” ccTLD domain extension.

So here I am, at :)

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