3 lessons Entrepreneurs can learn from movie “Finding Dory”

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For those who have not seen the movie, it is about a fish named Dory who suffers from short term memory loss. She can’t remember any thing for more than few seconds. During her childhood, an accident departs Dory from her parents. This movie details her pursuit to get back to her family despite of her short term memory issue.

Think like Dory

Dory thinks in a unique way. Whenever she forgets what she is doing or what she should do next she just looks around for the nearest possible thing to do. Due to her short term memory she doesn’t plan much in the future but just takes action according to her present surrounding.

As an entrepreneur it can be alluring to indulge in lot of planing, but planing is not what gets you success. Action gets you to success. After watching this movie I stopped planning a lot about the product and actually started working on it with what I already have. You know what, I am making progress now!

One of Newton’s law states: if an object is in a steady state then it tends to be in that steady state forever and an object in motion tends to be in motion. So the lesson here is to get going, get in motion. Just start with what you have and make gradual changes to your product/service on the go, instead of wasting time and money on making a master plan. Instead of learning everything from theory start learning from failing, failures are beautiful :)

Ask for Help when you are Stuck

Dory suffers from Short term memory loss but she is not stubborn. She is well-aware of her weakness and is not ashamed to ask for help from anyone willing to help. In the journey of Entrepreneurship one must be open to ask for help whenever he/she is stuck somewhere (everyone gets stuck sometimes).

You have three choices when you are stuck. Either you can decide to learn the new skill yourself and get out of the situation by your own (Solo freelancers turned entrepreneurs), or you can decide to give up on that particular idea (wannapreneurs), or you can just ask for help from someone who knows how to get out of that situation (the team players).

Success leave Clues

I literally got goosebumps when Dory finds the shells her parents collected around their house in hope that some day Dory will come finding them and these shells will help her. My mind instantly said to me “Success leaves clues”. Call it Omens, clues, dots, success has all of them around it to lead you there. Just keep your mind open for those clues.

This is where “Think like Dory” mentality helps. If you are too busy planing your product/service then you will never be able to see the clues. You will be surprised to see that actually working on something will give you better ways to achieve your goal rather than being busy planing the path.

Keep Thinking Like Dory.

Keep Rocking \m/

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