Journey of my Failures (till now)

Success is a Lousy Teacher

Sometimes its not easy to draw a line between what we call a “Success” and a “Failure”. Everyone has a different definition of Success. For me Success is not “acquiring something”. For me it is more of a State of Mind than wealth, property of even a relationship.

Success is not just reaching the Pinnacle. Success is enjoying each and every moment, your each step, your each climb towards that Pinnacle. If you think you will be happy when you reach the destination even if you are not enjoying the journey towards that destination than its time to think again my friend.

Failing vs Not Starting

Its different to Start something and Fail and its different to Not Start at all. But there is one more thing between Start and Finish right? The HUSTLE!

Start –> Hustle –> Finish

The stage of Hustle is were I have failed every time till now. By “every time” I mean only in matter of startups, rest I am quite a Successful person in my life ;) . Let me list the Ideas here from that “Random Ideas” folder on my Desktop:

  1. PhotoPress: WordPress for Photographers. A CMS custom tailored for Photographers. Believe me I made detailed mockups of almost all the screens but didn’t implemented them.

  2. An Artistic & Creative Web design Agency specifically targeting to the artists and creative persons. I created the website, logo, business plan. But at the end again lacked the Hustle. I am still renewing this domain name, don’t know in what hope. Its been more than 3 years now.

  3. TrustableHosts: A hosting review site but with a twist. I am glad I didn’t even brought the domain name for this site. I can clearly see I would have never loved creating such a thin content site.

  4. SaveYourTax: Came up with idea to guide some beginners (starting their career) about saving some of their taxes and better ways of investing money. I was myself searching through some tax saving and investment schemes that time. Well, a year later I still don’t have any tax savings or investments. Its no surprise why I didn’t started that site. :P

  5. InfoProductss: This was the time when I was reading a lot about Creating and Selling Infoproducts. So I planned why not to create a site helping the people who want to create info products and sell my own info product at some point. It seems a stupid idea now though.

  6. A paid subscription in which I will share my results of experiments with paid traffic sources. This was the time when I was roaming around little more that I should on the internet marketing forums (you saw it coming, right? ;) ). I still feel this is a legit idea and still have the domain registered with me. But no progress in execution.

  7. Social media marketing solutions for Photographers. I can see a lot of place where Photographers are leaving potential clients on table. Especially when it comes to prospective clients on Social media. Created the site, setup the Info Product and subscription option with a Landing page. That’s it, nothing after that.

  8. LensTrades: A trading site for Photographers and Camera equipment dealers. Got this idea from Flippa were one guy was selling a site with same concept but for Drones. He sold it for above $2000. That of course allured my interest. I created the execution plan… and its still a plan.

  9. A review site specifically aimed at reviewing Photography equipment. The primary purpose was not to make affiliate sales here but to get more subscribers to whom I can sell other Photography services. Like Web design service for Photographers. Its still live and has two posts there but I once again lack the Drive to move ahead.

  10. My attempt to a Viral Niche site. Probably I targeted the wrong niche here. There is not much of a traction in the niche. This idea also came from Flippa. I saw a guy selling his site for around $5000 in Viral Owl niche. I wrote one post on PandaLeo but then, again lack of drive.

  11. Web service package for Photographers. I visioned creating a web design agency that will create very easy to use Photography websites and handle all the technical details leaving Photographers only to upload and view their pictures with ease.

Okay, eleven effing starts with no progress. That’s pretty bad! :|

Why we Fail?

Of course, only eleven failures won’t be sufficient enough to conclude why we fail. But lets draw a line hazily around some pits we fall into during our journey to success.

Wrong “Why”

Your “Why” behind any activity decides your drive for that activity. Unfortunately in case of entrepreneurship lot of times people choose a wrong (weak) Why, and more often than not that wrong Why is Money!

If you are sitting in a Starbucks with your Mackbook on table planing to create something that will make you some more money, then my friend, “Money” is not going to be a strong driving force for you. As soon as you face a hurdle during your journey, your mind will tell you “Dude, you already have your paycheck coming next week relax and chill”.

Steve Jobs once said these true words:

“Without passion any rational person will give up at the very first hurdle.”

Where do Passion come from? It comes from your Why.

You are working Outside-In

You might have noticed in my above mentioned failures, many of them were actually my attempts to just make a copy of pre-existing sites with some twist. The problem here is, you can copy the concept but you can’t copy the level of passion that the creator had.

The creator definitely would have come across some hurdles while creating that site, he was passionate about that so he overcame those hurdles. If you don’t have the same level of passion for that topic then you are not gonna make it. Simple as that.

You are putting Yourself First

Its quite obvious that in entrepreneurship if you put yourself first instead of your customer then you will never make a perfect product or service that will solve your customers true problem.

I realized this when I was planning my Pricing for a service even before I had any clear idea of what exactly the service is going to be. This shows how selfish my thinking was with that service. Will such service succeed? No.

Okay, I learned my Lessons. Will I Succeed now?

Of course not! I will make more mistakes, more failures and will learn a lot more on my journey to Success. Eventually will keep this post updated too :)

To conclude, now-on-wards I will look for the following check points before starting work on any new ideas

Is money the sole purpose I am starting this? Am I passionate enough about this to keep myself driving even in difficult situations? I am doing this just for me or I really want to add Value to someone’s life by doing this? Keep Rocking \m/

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