Law of Attraction: Myth or Mystery?

Law of Attraction

A few weeks ago I was at my Home on a small vacation from my Job. I picked out one of my old diaries to refresh some memories. I was enjoying the past penned in my diary and shamelessly laughing on my English those days :D. I was completely unaware of the shock I was just about to get.

While turning the pages I came to the page with date “18/08/2008”, that is 8 years back from now (2016). I was shocked to read what I wrote back then. I wrote “When the hell will I become a Software Engineer” and some more sentences describing how desperately I wanted to become a software engineer. So, what’s so shocking in that? The shocking thing is that while reading in 2016 (8 years after writing those words) I AM A Software Engineer!

The first thing that came to my mind was, what if I would have written “When the hell will I become a Millionaire!”. Would I’ve been a Millionaire by now if I wrote “Millionaire” instead of “Software Engineer” that day? Did I just witnessed a realization of Law of Attraction in my life?

How Human Brain works?

Being a student of Artificial Intelligence, I have a deep interest in Human Brain and some basic knowledge about how it works. In a single sentence:

A Human Brain is an excellent Pattern Matching, Pattern Recognizing and a Pattern Making machine

Unlike Computers, human brain don’t work on Data, it works on patterns. It receives our surrounding in form of patterns, it saves them as patterns (patterns of neurons) and also processes them as patterns.

Suppose you buy a new Wildcraft bag, your brain creates patterns of neurons resembling that kind of bag. Now your brain has the pattern to recognize a Wildcraft bag. That’s why you suddenly start observing a lot of people around you having Wildcraft bags.

This happens a lot of time with us, we buy something then suddenly everyone around us also has that same thing! Why? Simply because now our brain starts recognizing that pattern, it was always there, our brain just didn’t recognized it.

Law of Attraction and Neural Networks

What Brain’s working has to do with Law of Attraction?

As we saw, once a pattern is saved in our Brain related to any experience, we start recognizing more of it in our surroundings. Isn’t this the same thing that Law of Attraction states?

The only difference I feel is with the word “Attraction”. I believe there are infinite possibilities of infinite situations surrounding us. Our brain doesn’t attract anything, everything is always around us, we just start recognizing what we constantly think about. I think “Law of Attraction” can be re-stated more scientifically as “Law of Recognition“.

Yes, “Law of Recognition” works! So be positive, see positive.

Think Big, See Big, Be Big.

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