Pruning Life – Why I decided to Trim my Head Hair


Why a guy who loved his head hair decided to Trim them off?

Getting out of Comfort Zone

The moment when I said the barber “trim-off them” pointing at my hair, it was certainly very uncomfortable for me. Trimming-off head hair can seem normal to some people but for me it was a big decision.

How this one decision is going to help me get out of my comfort zone? Well it turns out the experiment is already a success. Its been only one day with this tiny-tiny hair and I feel nothing else could be more uncomfortable.

To list a few actions I took out of my comfort zone the single day:

  • Played with the cute kittens at office (I always wanted to play with them but used to worry what other employees sitting around would think).

  • Posting this blog post (the person inside my head is constantly poking me, who the hell will read this bro, why you posting this! That too with such stupid Photo of you!).

  • Consciously decided to give my input in a discussion between two colleagues nearby who I don’t know and were talking about buying a home in my neighborhood (hardcore introvert here!).

These small actions doesn’t signify much individually, but the practice of taking actions out of your comfort zone adds-up. The actions that you resist taking are often the actions that you need to take the most.

If you keep doing things that you did for last 20 year then you will keep getting results that you got for last 20 years! You need to DO something different to GET something different in your life.

Prune the Extras, Focus on Core

Just like trees, our lives also need pruning for a healthy growth. As I mentioned at the start of this post, I loved my hair. I use to be too much conscious about my hair. A single strand going out of its way used to irritate me (INTJ problem I guess?).

At the end of the day a lot of my conscious efforts and decisions were directed towards my hair. A study suggests that we tend to take only some finite amount of decisions per day, and I am wasting those on my Hair! No Way!

Similarly there are lot of Extras in our life that we know we should remove but we are stuck with them somehow. Whether it be a bad habit, some relationship that is causing you pain, some bitter past that’s hard to let go, it could be anything. Along with trimming my head hair I also decided to prune those extras out of my life and focus on my core development, career, personal development and helping others.

A Reminder to Focus

If you’ve read my previous post about my Journey of Failures you will realize that my mind wanders a lot and is not focused on one thing. This led me to write “Focus” everywhere as a reminder in my surroundings, like my mobile phone wallpaper, my office desk, my sticky note. But what could be a greater reminder for me than Me myself? Every morning I look at the mirror, I look at my trimmed hair and I know I have to stick to one thing and trim-off the extra stuffs.

Concentrated Focus can penetrate the Impenetrable

Quick Points:

1) Get out of your comfort zone: generally the thing you resist doing is the one you must be doing (be rationale here, please :) ).

2) Prune your life: get rid of the extra stuffs that’s pulling you down. Sometimes pruning is necessary for a healthy growth.

3) Focus on one thing at a time.

Keep Rocking \m/

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