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Just Start

A few weeks ago I was returning home from office. I was sitting in a Rikshaw parked at corner of a crowded market waiting for driver to board. It was around 8 PM and everyone wanted just one thing, a fresh-cooked dinner at home with family.

Among the crowd in rush some were the new ones and asking shop owners how to reach their home, where to get Rikshaw for their place. And there were the daily passengers who knew this place as much as they knew their home and office. They knew where to get transport for their home and they can be easily found (almost)running in a determined direction dodging here and there the new and slow people.

Amid all this dramatic scenario my mind was stuck at a guy selling some clothes on the street of this busy market. Perhaps he didn’t had money to afford a store or a stroll and electricity. He had all the clothes that he was selling laid on a plastic carpet spread on ground. He was writing down something in his notebook when I took the picture(above), may be sales record for the day or something?

When Requirements become Excuses

The first time I looked at this guy, I didn’t felt pity for him. In fact I instantly felt motivated. Really, think about this. Suppose you want to start a business of selling clothes. What are the things you will need to start the business? Some of the requirements coming out of my mind right away: Clothes, Store, Electricity, Banners, Name of my Store, etc, etc. The list goes on. Believe me the list will never end if you are just stalling from your goal. All you need to start selling Clothes is ‘Clothes’, that’s it.

If you want to start a Business you don’t necessarily have to leave your current job, you don’t necessarily need that million dollar budget, you really don’t need all those stuffs that your brain is making up for procrastinating the action part. You just need to start.

This example not only applies to business but also to many other life scenarios. You want to crack entrance exam of a reputed college but you are not starting your preparations because you don’t have much time? Just start with whatever amount of time you have, listen to audio books during commute, read a little more at night before bed. Once you start, new paths will start emerging before you one by one. So, instead of pressing that Excuse button start pressing the Start button inside your mind.

Learning from Planning vs Learning from Failures

Today every wannapreneur want to become the next Steve Jobs or the next Mark Zuckerberg. Ask yourself one question, do you think that those guys became successful because they read a lot of book on marketing and business and followed those motivational blogs and stories that you keep visiting every day? Or they actually took action and failed in some actions and learned from those failures?

I personally love failures. You can learn a lot from failures, a lot more than what any book or video can teach you. But to fail you first need to take some action. So start taking actions, no matter how small or how slow, no matter where you are, no matter how resource deficient you are, just start with what you have. When you think you don’t have enough resources and time just remember this guy selling clothes on street. Do you have less resources that him?

Start, Fail, Learn, Grow, Repeat.

Keep Rocking \m/

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