The Trap of 50% Hike

The Trap of 50% Hike

(Warning: strong language used!)

You know what is the most common sentence you hear after completing 2 years at your organization?

“Hey, are you trying somewhere else?”

Recently after completing 2 years at Capgemini, I am also in the same phase. Everyone is curious to make a jump to other company seeking more exposure, more opportunities, more quality work, more healthy work environment; Oh please, I can’t lie more :D , the real reason is “More Money”!

Looking around it seems everyone is getting approx 50% hike after switch. So if my salary is 3 LPA then I can expect to get 4.5 LPA in new company. The worst part is that my assumption of “3 LPA” is approximately the real salary of freshers, and 4.5 LPA or assume 6 LPA would be their next salary.

I don’t really have any problem with the companies offering 50% hike. The thing that disturbs me most is that my colleagues are not even expecting more that 50% hike! They would be more than happy with a 50% hike switching to new company!

Firstly I think the Percentage based Hike system is groundless. Salary should be related to skill-set of the person, not his/her previous salary. We are not investing our previous salary in your company to make you profit, we are investing our skills and experience to make you profit. So please HR guys, stop asking my previous salary! You don’t have to do any thing with that.

For sake of not igniting a debate with HR guys lets assume that you got your great 50% hike in salary in new company. Lets assume your new salary is 6LPA. Everyone instantly looks at the 6 LPA amount, the extra shopping you can do, the extra gifts you can buy, some extra bucks to send home. But we fail to look at one very important perspective, Time!

I can easily guess you are around 25 at this time. Assuming 75 years as average life expectancy we are left with only 50 years to live now, right? With a little calculation you can see that 1 year of your life is actually 2% of the rest of your time on this planet! Let me emphasis it that its not a 2% discount, or 2% sale, or a 2 % cashback or something, its a fuc*ing 2% of your fuc*ing life!

You are happy trading 2% of your life for mere 6 Lac Rupees?

C’mon guys you can’t even buy a good hatchback for 6 Lac rupees! You evaluate 2% of your life worth less than a fuc*ing cheap car? Really?

Lets stop this Percentage based hike system. Clearly mention to the HR that you don’t evaluate yourself less than xxx (your expectation) based on your skill-set.

Keep Rocking \m/

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