Why you are Not next Steve Jobs and your Startup is not on par with Apple

Steve Jobs Love What you do quote

Almost every kid taking the baby steps towards Entrepreneurship looks at Steve Jobs at some point of his life an his inspiration, as a reference, and in some cases as a virtual mentor. Somewhere within we all aspire to become successful entrepreneur like Steve Jobs.

There are few movies made on Jobs, some beautiful documentaries, handful of biographies and hundreds if not thousands of people out there saying what you can learn from Steve Jobs to become the next successful entrepreneur of your era.

But you know what? Most of the people inspired by Jobs are not going to build a startup that will be any where close to Apple. Not because Steve was a Magician or Jesus personally came on earth and chose to bless Steve but not you. I totally believe that we can Model Success.

Tony Robbins Modeling Success

The reason most of us will probably fail to start a company like Apple is hidden in two simple and overlooked concepts behind Steve’s success with Apple.

Apple didn’t start as a Business

Instead Apple started from love of Jobs and Wozniak towards making PCs. Steve has mentioned this in his numerous interviews that he didn’t knew Apple will be such a big revolutionary company in its starting years.

This is where almost all startups fail. They are made for business, to make money. Their creators are not in love with the startup and all they want is some machine that will convert their Grind into Money.

It doesn’t work friends, it doesn’t work. You can put a lot of Hard work but if you don’t love your idea then it may bring you money but not satisfaction. We need to realize that Money is just a by product, its not the main outcome. Don’t let the money factor allure you if you are not in love with the original Idea. After all that’s what separates an Entrepreneur from an Investor right?

Steve always hired “A” Players

Everyone call Jobs the Innovator, the Entrepreneur, the Futurist. But very few people realize that he had the eyes to recognize the Best of the Best Employees! He was very particular about who works in Apple.

Do you have guts to hire an A player? Sometimes hiring an A Player means hiring someone who is even more knowledgeable than you. This intimidates a lot of Entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

If Apple Inc. is a Car then Steve was the Driver and its Employees the Fuel.

To conclude, if you want to become like Steve jobs then you have to love the idea you are working on and you need to hire people who you know would be better than you on their work.

Keep Rocking \m/

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